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PAINTING WITH PRIESTS LP - Elica 6VL-4912 / Robot 44

Robot Records, Yesmiisolga and Elica are happy to present the first Christoph Heemann and Steven Stapleton duo album. It took almost thirty years, but in 2012, thanks to Yesmissolga and Musiche Possibili, two leading and influential artists of underground experimental music, who have been marginally working together despite their long friendship and common attitudes, managed to directly create music together for the first time in occasion of the concert held at the Ancient Synagogue in Ivrea (Italy).

Christoph Heemann started in the early 80’s with the psychedelic dada (kraut-)rock noise band Hirsche Nicht Auf’s Sofa (H.N.A.S.) and has since produced some of the most evocative and mysterious music of the last three decades, either solo or with Mirror, In Camera, Mimir and Jim O’Rourke, as well as collaborating with Current 93, Keiji Haino, Charlemagne Palestine and several others. In addition to being a very special and refined visual artist.

Steven Stapleton’s multi-faceted work has been a reference for anything eccentric in music (and its presentation) since the beginning in 1979 of his Nurse With Wound project that is still surprising audiences today, and he has inspired and collaborated with Current 93, Coil, Diana Rogerson, Faust and Stereolab among others. His mind-blowing artwork has graced dozens of record covers and he is also the creator of the outlandish and beautiful Cooloorta House.

This album presents a generous edit of the highly-acclaimed one-hour+ long Italian show: an improvised live collaboration that not so obviously materialised as a point exactly in between the two musicians' solo work, with all the seductive elements of both artist's eccentric worlds, two old friends leading the audience through a spaced out voyage on live psychedelic musique concrete.

LP co-released by Elica and Robot Records in an edition of 700 copies (500 on black vinyl plus 200 on red vinly available only directly from the elica and robot web sites), the cover showing two previously unpublished artworks by Stapleton and Heemann. The CD edition with different cover and alternate miz is released by Yesmissolga.

PRICE € 19